Details, Schmetails

Super excited and don't care for fine print?

Membership Has Its Perks

Joining the Inner Circle gets you a whole lot of stuff:

1. Members-only numbered ceramic stein, which will be proudly displayed behind our bar and you can take it home at the end of your first year!

2. Special pricing on 20oz pours! Members only steins hold 20oz, compared to the average 16oz pint! 

3. 2L fills in your exclusive members-only growler.
(no deposit required)

4. 10% discount on Red Circle Brewing Co. merchandise.

5. Receive a $10 gift card on your birthday! Spend it how you please!

6. Free Red Circle beer mug and embroidered patch.

7. First access to special events.

8. Early notifications of beer releases.

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