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Why "Red Circle"? Well, the truth is we love the simplicity of a circle and found that the deeper meaning of both it and the colour red truly suited what we believed in. This led us to discover a Red Circle Coffee that once existed until the late 1970s. While we aren’t them, we admire what they stood for. Quality, consistency, value and consideration. These were notions that we could get behind and they further inspired us to form our own Red Circle. A Red Circle created with a focus on the bean to cup, crop to can and farm to fork practices that define us.

As a plucky group of roast masters, beer barons, and culinary aces, we started Red Circle with the belief that one should take care in what they do, pride in where they live, and responsibility for what they leave behind. Essentially, we’ve stuck our metaphorical flag in the ground as a bastion for enthusiastic & courageous individuals who hope to craft something new, want to make a difference and are daring enough to try.

When we started our brewing program, we gathered some ambitious and talented people, grew some epically luscious beards and bought a bunch of flannel shirts. We then started using traditional methods and all-natural ingredients to carefully craft beer we were proud of. As you can tell, we’re not breaking the mould or reinventing the wheel here. All beer is crafted with care and made using time-honoured processes. Ours just happens to be crafted by critically lauded brewers with 35 years of collective brewing experience that encapsulates both German and American brewing techniques.

When it comes to our coffee, we ethically source our beans from around the globe and meticulously roast them on the big red machine, our 25lb Probat roaster. Ranging from single-origins to unique blends, our coffee program expands on a nigh daily basis and is built on earnest elbow grease and 8 years of industry know-how. We even supply our beer team with signature roasts for them to include in whatever new concoction they have brewing.

At the end of the day, we pour our hearts into everything we do, perpetually crafting with character, care and creativity. We’re passionate about coffee, beer and food, and hope that translates into you loving it as well.

As for the rest of our story, we continue to write it both literally and figuratively every day.

So you should probably stick around.

Quality & Tradition

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. All Red Circle beers are handcrafted by formally educated Brewmasters who create fresh, unique, and award winning beers utilizing traditional methods and high-quality, all natural ingredients.

Inclusion & Collaboration

Being both a microbrewery and coffee roastery, it's clear we believe that the best way to get something done is together. With this in mind, we stay true to the collaborative spirit of Kitchener-Waterloo by partnering with inventive and adventurous individuals and initiatives.

Environmental Stewardship

Taking a strong position on minimizing our carbon footprint, we focus on creating secondary uses for byproducts within the brewing process. We also work to consciously package our products, starting with soon to launch compostable packaging. Ensuring that our coffee bags are just as sustainable as the coffee itself.

Historical Influence

All of our core beers are inherently tied to Waterloo Region, each garnering its name from local historical reference. 
By building these stories into the Red Circle experience, our hope is to inform beer lovers across the country of the deep-rooted history within Kitchener-Waterloo, dating back to the 1800s.

Meet The Maker

Brewmaster Brett Croft

Beer is in our Brewmaster’s blood.

As a second-generation beer baron, Brett pretty much grew up in a brewery. He began his career over a decade ago on the marketing and sales side of the business. After a few years working in the office, he decided to take his passion for beer and apply it to the arts and science of brewing. 

Brett received his formal brewing education from Siebel World Brewing Academy, where he studied in Chicago and in Germany. After brewing school, he perfected his craft at breweries both large and small within Ontario, and in 2018 founded Red Circle Brewing Co. 



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